So who’s the biggest mug?


Yes according to Sunday papers the Geordies have made a 15 Millon bid for Carroll, that matches what we paid so we lose nothing. But who is the bigger mug?

Them for willing to pay so much for a pissed crock or us for probably turning it down and probably regretting it in the future. This isn’t the first time:-

I remember a 10 million bid for Carlton when he was playing rather well under Zola which we turned down and we also turned a massive bid down for Ashton and literally a few months later he was injured and retired.

What would you do if you were G&S?


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13 thoughts on “So who’s the biggest mug?

  1. Off load him now…we actually would only need to spend another 10 on a striker good enough to replace the lumox. How many goals has he scored in a westham shirt???

    • Who’s a top quality striker that’s going to join west ham for £10m???????? That actually wants to join us???? Mate you are deluded!!!

  2. Ashton? What really, superb striker, why the hell would you of sold him? Would of been the best striker we ever had! None of us are fortune tellers that we are going to know when player get injured! If you knew Ashton was going to be fucked in training with England why the hell didn’t you tell them?? Lol. In all honesty let’s face it, unless they are a top quality player already then you can always say look what we missed out on, seems like a pointless conversation really.

  3. Sorry but the blokes been injured!!!! At least give him a chance! Are you all so anti gold/Sullivan/Brady that you will slate everything to do with west ham until we get fucked over by some foreign consortium? I really don’t understand some people on here! It almost like you want west ham to fail so you can say ‘told you so’

  4. Even though I don’t think Carroll is worth £15m, I wouldn’t take it. Having him in the squad will help us attract better players. Plus if he stays injury free this season he has 10+ if not 15+ goals in him. Those kind of players are hard to find.

  5. Absolutely not! We’re getting a decent squad together for the new season. We need competition for every position.

  6. Offload him and his mate Nolan, Carroll will always be on the injury table don’t know why we signed him in the first place, another one of Allardyce’s bad decisions..

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