Massive squad dilema


Check out the squad, missing tons of players but I cant see how we can accommodate them. Valencia nor Carroll will be left on the bench (too expensive)

Where does Diame, Ravel, Nolan, Zarate and Poyet fit? None of them are wingers (except maybe Zarate) so to me Jarvis and Downing look like starters! Taylor was covering for Jarvis but Taylor has gone, Zarate isn’t really a winger although he can cover it (but he wont be happy)

If one up is played then a very expensive player is going to be bench warming which I cant see us doing. Anyone got any deas how to solve this problem? This isn’t it, trust me more players are going to arrive and I can see a RB, and maybe a winger or two….

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16 thoughts on “Massive squad dilema

  1. Does this mean that you have changed your tune about the club wanting to sell Ravel?

    It seems he is back, for now. Whilst it is clear he is trouble I would love to see him show the same form he showed at the beginning of last season.

    Last seasons home shirt actually makes me think of Ravel, in the same way that the dark blue away shirt puts Di Canio in mind and the old 80’s version of today’s home shirt reminds us of MacAvennie. It was that goal at WHL that did it!! 🙂

    Once again let’s just see what happens.

    In terms of the squad selection problem I don’t know the answer either. However with Downing being linked away and us signing striker/wingers over the summer that tells me that the new attacking strategy demanded by the owners will involve Sam converting our 4-5-1 into a 4-3-3. Maybe not permanently but more often than last season. So perhaps:

    Demel – Tomkins – Reid – Cresswell
    Diame – Kouyate/Nolan – Noble
    Valencia – Carroll – Zarate


    Demel – Tomkins – Reid – Cresswell
    Diame – Kouyate – Nolan – Noble – Jarvis

      • I’ve not personally seen any evidence of this attitude with us. I’m not saying that there isn’t any and certainly not saying that he can’t be a trouble maker when he wants to be. Just that I have seen any evidence myself. Him going out on loan seemed a bit out of the blue.

        Valencia can also play (and excel) as a wide player. There are plenty of examples of this here:

        Also we should consider that the work of a winger in a 4-5-1 is different to that of a 4-3-3. Playing Valencia in the latter would put him in a more advance, inside position enabling him to run at defenders like in the video above. However playing him or Zarate in a wide position in Sam’s 4-5-1 would be a waste, I agree.

        With my 4-3-3 idea above just think about what Liverpool achieved last season with Sturridge, Suarez and Sterling up front. They are all (IMO) strikers.

  2. I still can’t see fat Sam playing two upfront I think Valencia will play on one wing with downing or Jarvis on the other and it will still be Nolan playing off of Carroll zarate will be used as a super sub to come on and get a goal if we r losing kouyate for me has to play as a centre back along side Reid with noble in the holding roll :))

  3. Just straying off of the subject for a second. If we sign the lad jenkinson we would have pulled off a blinder. I’ve watched him a few times and think he really is a player. Excellent going forward, great engine, great defensively and he really has some delivery. He would start in any side of mine.

  4. I gave up trying the second guess BFS a long time ago. He leaves out players who should start and plays players who shouldn’t. His change of tactics is a massive challenge for him. I’m both excited and worried about what he will come up with. Everything has to change with the squad he is putting together this season, I just hope he plays the right players and doesn’t accommodate the likes of Nolan.

  5. Nolan didnt look to bothered in the friendly at Ipswich on weds night as for Zarate did nothing in the game either but Vaz Te showed some nice touches id have him in the team over Jarvo plus Kouyate looks a good signing not shy to tackle also likes to get forward I know only a friendly & getting match fit can see West Ham doing quite well next season COYI

  6. Jenkinson would be a great signing for us. Talk of Konoplyanka, but will we pay £12m for him? I can see us playing Carroll upfront with Valencia playing off him, picking up the second ball. Let’s hope that Sheringham has a bit of influence over the attacking options.

    My formation:
    Demel (Jenkinson?) – Tomkins – Reid – Cresswell
    Kouyate – Noble
    Downing – Jarvis (Konoplyanka?)

    Diame, Ravel, Poyet, Zarate will make good bench/rotation players. GET RID OF NOLAN!!!

    It’s a good dilemma to have!

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