New signing ‘in the next 72 hours’

David Sullivan: “The recruitment drive will carry on, though, as there are at least three more positions we would like to strengthen. We are in advanced talks to secure another one of our top targets and all being well we should get that deal over the line in the next 72 hours.”



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4 thoughts on “New signing ‘in the next 72 hours’

  1. I’m thinking Atsu on loan as
    12 mil touted for others seem high for us barring Jarvis/Carrol, maybe we have more money cause we don’t owe Shef Utd any more Tevez money and TV deal? I’m hopping Velencia COYI

  2. he was the 1 that came out with top 6 finish & as a hammer put ya money where ya dildos are we deserve decent players cos of the tripe been served up last few seasons then hopefully when the OS comes up your sell up & were get some billionaire Russian or Arab & do the job properly rather than a pair that were picked from Oliver wots the saying out with the Jew in with the New

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