It’s the end of the road for one of our squad players

Apparently we have signed French attacking midfielder/winger Mathieu Valbuena. To me that spells the end of either Nolan, Jarvis or Downing.

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12 thoughts on “It’s the end of the road for one of our squad players

  1. Let’s hope Nolan is on his way out, one of the most overrated players I have ever seen, really cannot understand why Allardyce continues to pick him let alone make him our captain.. I can’t see it being Nolan though, maybe they will sell Downing or Jarvis might recoup some money on those and they are both on a huge wage.. Can’t wait to see Poyet hope those rumours are true will be a great signing! If they give Morrison a chance as well this season out midfield will be class!!

  2. I’ve seen loads of edited Wikipedia pages and 99 times out of 100 it’s bullshit. If it’s true I’d like to see Jarvis go, but if not Nolan. Although Downing hasn’t been great, he’s been better than those two.

  3. I actually thought Valencia beat us to the signing? I think Nolan should go, he is slowing down and is a passenger in most games now. I would like to see Jarvis in a more attacking line up as then we can judge him. I hope we sell Maiga & Diarra utter rubbish

  4. This would be a massive coup. I honestly can’t see this one coming off but if it does we could really be good to watch next season, that’s if the lummox that manages us plays him in the right position!!!

  5. easy tiger’s wiki is utter crap as it had on there that kolo was a hammer. lets hope we get rid of Nolan sign Slimani & out Diarra anuva BFS signing on shit id give Maiga until Jan window as hes ok coming off the bench still want the dinosaur cunt out

  6. PMSL Weren’t we linked with Huntlaar and Neymar 2 years ago. Big ticket players either get sold by us on the cheap. or we pay over the odds for over the hill players

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