World cup quiz

I’m excluding Carlos Tevez & Javier Mascherano here who didn’t strictly sign for us as a result of their world cup performances – however we have signed seven (?) other players directly or indirectly as a result of their showing at previous World Cups. Can anyone name them?


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14 thoughts on “World cup quiz

  1. I think Lama joined us in the winter – on a short term deal until May. That summer he played in the World Cup & received a winners medal – as far as I know, the only whufc player since Bobby, Geoff & Martin to receive one.

    But you’re right Rick, Winston was one as was Pablo Barrera. Not Faubert though.

    matty is also right, believe it or not, we signed Gary Breen – because of his performance in the 2002 world cup – was signed by err, Glenn Rodent – we were relegated & he left. Breen (like Roger Johnson) has been relegated from the premiership with three different clubs.

    • And if I remember rightly we was in a battle with ahem. … Inter Milan for his signature. Only time i have been gutted that we beat Inter to a signing.

  2. Good shout Lee, but not right – we signed Florin Răducioiu after his great performance at euro ’96. ‘Two bob’ was a great ‘shopper’ but not a great signing, once claiming to be injured, but was caught out shopping with his girlfriend.

  3. Oh yes matty, John Pants signed after his showing at the 2006 world cup & Javier Margas was the 1st world cup ‘star’ we signed in 1998

  4. Right, so we’ve got

    Javier Margas, John Pa(i)ntsil, Pablo Barrera, Winston Reid, Lars Jacobsen & Gary Breen.

    Still, one more!!!

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