So the castle has to go

Ok like it or not that castle is gonna go but if it has to go then why don’t we go back to the 60’s? Just the good old fashioned hammers.



Or this one - which featured on our club 'blazers' in the 50's?

Or this one – which featured on our club ‘blazers’ in the 50’s?


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4 thoughts on “So the castle has to go

  1. Well I for one, like the crest as it is, I heard they want to call us Westham London, I hope they don’t change too much, ie Everton crest change actually looks good and didn’t change name.
    U don’t want to loose identity. We are the real United 🙂

  2. I hope for something new, but not only the crest and the stadium. I want new west ham. The castle will go, ok, the crest will be changed and maybe the name. But when our game will change and we will beat more teams and finish seasons on higher places?

  3. Another part of our heritage being wiped out by the so-called custodians of our club. Why? to cut production costs. The last time we had crossed hammers on our shirts, mine had cracked within six weeks and had fell off completely before Christmas. Why can’t these cunts just fuck off and die.

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