Julian Dicks returns to whufc

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends…………………

Julian Dicks has been appointed LADIES 1st team manager





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5 thoughts on “Julian Dicks returns to whufc

  1. Boleyn…..Please get a post going on the shambles of another World Cup for England….At the end of the day if we had eleven with jules attitude we would be half way there. But of course…… that’s not the England way.

  2. 2 many players in the England squad not international class as for Sturridge over rated greedy bastard as for Jagielka ha ha ha out of hes depth the trouble with Woy is hes blinkered at picking shit should give Nolan & Tompkins a run out in meaningless friendlys instead of the same shit shame Walcott & the Ox were Ininjured as dont think Wellbeck or Sterling are good enough anyway the FA cant blame West Ham as no players so fuck the England squad & COYI

  3. It is our attempt on this site – to keep it kind of related to west ham – whenever possibly – ok, so a bit of tits n’ fanny as well, but mostly, things to do with whufc. We could carry on ranting about Englands dismal showing at the World Cup, but is probably well covered by many other blogs on tthe internet.

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