Why doesn’t this surprise me


Giving it the large on twitter saying ‘big signing immenant’ then this starts doing the twitter rounds. We make this mistake every transfer window….

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8 thoughts on “Why doesn’t this surprise me

  1. Because it’s all bullshit! We will sign no one other than a few old has beens and players we haven’t heard of that fat Sam won’t play anyway!

  2. Yet more lies about players coming to west come other clubs are signing players but in our case just one player, and just talk about others, when us hammer fans know we will not sign anyone else unless they are has beens or only coming for a final pay cheque. This club should shut up regarding “new’ players until they have signed on the dotted line. I won’t be watching west ham next season mainly because I’ve lost my trust with the club. I’ll be watching my local grass roots club instead.

  3. every season when transfer window opens were linked to Tom Dick & Harry & end up with crap or panic buys as for Sullivan he should shut up until player or players have signed & holding the shirt

  4. Get Carlos Sanchez (Elche and Colombia), Tello (Barcelona), Diego Capel (Sporting Portugal), Vedad Ibisevic (Stuttgart). I also liked Arias (Colombia – PSV), seems to be comfortable on the right or left side of defence….

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