End of season player review: Andy Carroll

What can I say? If he isn’t injured he aint scoring, the biggest signing in the clubs history is quickly turning into the clubs biggest disappoitment. The whole team was to be built around Andy and Allardyce spent nearly 20 Million on wingers to ping those balls into Carroll.

But as we know Jarvis is shit and Downing has had a few decent games, basically those 3 players have cost us near to 35 Million!! What have we got in return? FUCK ALL! Seriously if we had looked abroad we could of had quite a team for that kind of money!

SA talked the directors into signing Carroll and it’s nearly cost him his job, wel in theory it has because he wont get an contract extension come the end of the season…


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One thought on “End of season player review: Andy Carroll

  1. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! For £15 million i expect more goals and more reliability, im terrified he’ll get injured every time he plays and when he does play he’s not scoring, in tge two seasons he’s been here he’s scored what less than 10 goals in total, thats fucking awful, to think we could have had Bony. Basically like Jarvis he has’nt lived up to the price tag.

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