End of season player review: Matt Jarvis

Another nightmare from the winger that cost u 11.75 Million big ones! Basically dropped for Taylor so has only played about half a season. Had some decent games and other times totally annoymous, directors must be pissed that they got talked into buying him in the first place and as one of their gripes with regards to signings that cost but delivered little.

What now for Matt? To be honest I can see him gone by the beginning of next season if he doesn’t put in a good shift!

Will he be around for next season? Of course he will, he isn’t even worth half the 11 Million we paid for him!

What can we expect next season? I hope a lot more but I expect a lot less…


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7 thoughts on “End of season player review: Matt Jarvis

  1. I reckon we’ll flog him – I mean we don’t have too many players we can sell. Jarvis is one, & I predidct we will

    • I hope we do sell him, he is our worst player IMO. How he has got an England cap (and Noble hasn’t!) I’ll never know. Based on his performances over the last 2 seasons, I can’t see anyone willing to pay more than £12 for him, let alone £12m! The annoying thing is he will probably leave for peanuts and be a top player. He won’t be missed though, there are plenty of players out there who we can replace him with, even free transfers.

  2. IMO Jarvis, at the price we paid is Big Sam’s worst signing. We need to get rid, its like men against boys when he comes up against most of the opposition, if we got 5M I for one would be stunned.

  3. If jarvis was brought in for 2-3 million which is just about what he’s worth maybe he would’nt get as much stick as he gets, his price tag has defeated him i think he knew deep down he could’nt live up to it, he came from a shit Wolves team.The real villians are the conning basterds at Wolves who proberbly could’nt believe thier luck with money they stiched us up for for him and the moronic mangement (BFS, G&S) who agreed to pay it. Jarvus has had two diabolicle seasons and we’ll be lucky to get 2 mill for him

    • Spent near 30 million on two players and got fuck all out of either, no wonder they are moaning about his transfer dealings.

      We’re not a big club and we can’t afford that kind of money spent on shit…

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