Oh Teddy Teddy


But will it change anything? Unless Allardyce is prepared to change his 4-5-1 no….

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6 thoughts on “Oh Teddy Teddy

  1. Not only will the dinosaur change….Will he listen to someone else telling him how his attack should play. He’s bought Teddy in because we are led to believe he was told to, whether it affects the way he plays is totally different. Our owners are fools.

  2. & nine years ago TODAY!!! Teddy was in the squad for the play off final (but didn’t play) against Preston N.E.

  3. Remember that the board handed over the responsibility of recruiting the new attacking to Sam. This is as much Sam’s appointment as the board’s.

    Personally it feels to me like an attempt to appease the booing fans. An attacking coach who has had success as a West Ham player and is a local lad. It creates a feel good factor which should satisfy the fans and silence the boos…for a while. But will it?

    Are we buying into the idea that the board are genuinely concerned about Sam’s ability to build a good attacking side and believe this to be the solution? Or are they secretly happy with boring, predictable football that keeps us in the Premier League, £40m better off each season and stabilises the club financially ready for the big move into the OS. From the ‘tone’ of my comments you can probably guess which answer I am going with.

    It’s a glamorous idea and as Teddy and Sam have played together before there may be just enough understanding between them to make it work. As always I get behind the club with these decisions. It just feels like they are trying to appease the fans to me.

    • You along with most of us know this is an attempt to shut the fans up (Teddy is doing this on a part time basis, joke!) but once the shit hits the fan there will be blood especially if we are bottom half come November/December…

      • If it doesn’t work….It will be Teddy’s fault…. The owners are scared, and controlled by Big Sam.

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