End of season player review: Stuart Downing

The reason Allardyces neck has been on the line, Downing was brought in instead of a striker. The reason being he can get the crosses into Andy Carroll but as we all know that went tits up.

I suppose Downing has been like Diame, had some blinders and had some howlers. The problem we have is that if you play a 4-5-1 system your wingers have to score goals and yeah you guessed it Downing isn’t scoring anything like we or SA had hoped.

Was it right to get Downing over a Striker? Well when you only play one up front then yes but when that striker is constantly injured no…

Leaving this Summer? No way. What other mug would pay 5 Million for him!?

What can we expect next season? I have my doubts that Downing will be a starter next season, we seem to be linked to a lot of wingers. I don’t care if a striking coach is coming Allardyce only knows one way of playing but knows he needs goals next season. Downing isn’t delivering so expect a winger that can…Zarate? Can play as a forward or Winger (I heard)


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4 thoughts on “End of season player review: Stuart Downing

  1. Zarate the bloke flew in yesterday to sign been no sign of him since? now the Argie at spuds will he sign for them instead as G & S can never find a pen when it comes to players signing as for Downing hit n miss player goes missing in big games

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