End of season player review: Mo Diame

What a mix bag we have had from Diame. Sometimes he can produce a bit of magic making his darting runs through defences but most times he has left us wanting, sometimes selfish but a lot of the time with no end product.

Messi he aint but he thinks he can beat a whole defence and then loses the fucking ball when maybe he should of just looked up and pass to a team mate. Lots of rumours he is finally off (yeah we hear this every window) but a few ITK’ers are saying don’t expect to see him next season.

To be honest lots of fans won’t miss him by the looks of it.

Leaving this summer? I would say probably…

What can we expect if he stays? Same of the above.


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13 thoughts on “End of season player review: Mo Diame

  1. I thought Mo’s second half of the season was fantastic, ever since the Norwich game where he was unstoppable!

    I think that was his own individual turning point because I, for one, thought his performances improved immensely after that. What do you all think? 🙂

    I really hope he stays and delivers his best, evaluate his best is all class! COYI

  2. Ship him out and replace him with Carlos Sanchez, who plays for Elche.
    If not, Steven Defour would be great, but unpayable.

  3. i think he actually contributed a bit more than you think, heis a big presence, hard to knock off the ball, and some of his runs actually work out!! he can pull a vital goal out of the blue and has a good work ethic….i would like to see him stay… although if he goes its not like losing andy carol is it ? 🙂

  4. For me there’s a choice with the feller, cash in, (or is there still a clause for 3.5m), or play him up the middle, and build the team around. He needs to be told every five mins how great he is. Thing is he’s a flair player, something the manager is not capable of using.

  5. I think we should sell him. He’s not that great, and with the money we get for him, we can easily replace him. I would like to see us go for Diego Capel or Silvestre Varela. A flair player who can run at defences and get a cross/pass in without losing possession.

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