Key players leaving?

so says twitter….


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7 thoughts on “Key players leaving?

  1. Diame can go, he’s easily replaceable, and £5m would be a decent price. Can’t see Noble going, these next 2-3 years will be the best of his career so we need to keep him.

  2. looks like Sullivan will have final say on who stays & who comes in as for Diame he came on a free so any money for him will be a bonus as this season hes been poor. cant see any of the players we’ve been linked with coming in esp under BFS

  3. Can’t believe BFS is staying… At first I thought he did well… But this season has been more than diabolical… They say they want us to go forward… From 10th to 13th… Isn’t that a step backwards… And now players like Diame and Morrison don’t wanna stay..
    We are turning into shit under allardyce..

  4. wot a laughing stock West Ham board are by keeping the useless fat dinosaur plus £20 mil ha ha wot a fucking liberty

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