End of season player review: Winston Reid

Probably still our best player and most important. He is also our most valuable (transfer wise) and this is why I reckon he could possibly leave this summer.

Yeah none of us want him to leave and nor does the board but if a decent bid comes in from a club that will be in Europe next season I can see him wanting out (and you cant blame him) He is worth 10 Million in my opinion and the club wouldn’t turn that offer down if it came in.

As seasons go this wasn’t his best simply because he has missed a lot of it, when he came back from injury it took a little while to get back to his best but near the end the old Winston was back.

Probably irreplaceable and our defence will never be the same again once he has gone (because of our history of never replacing good players that leave) but whether a player is on a contract or not when they want to leave they leave!

Leaving in the Summer? Decent bid comes in he will be offski..

What kind of season will he have next? Another blinder if we can keep him!


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2 thoughts on “End of season player review: Winston Reid

  1. I think he will go. IMO he’s worth £12m plus, which puts him in top 6 territory, but the only two teams I can see him getting into are Everton (who wouldn’t spend that much money) and the filthy Spuds. So let’s hope he goes abroad, because I don’t want to ever see another of our top players put on that scummy white kit!

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