End of season player review: Guy Demel

By all accounts Demel has had a blinder for his standards. Stats are pretty good this season and has been part of a very strong defence. His real weakness is his injury problems which I think he has once again, there is also a rumour that we have made a 5/7 Million bid for RB Antonio Ruediger.

If true that spells curtains for Demel but again these are only rumours which some are saying is a ploy to distract fans from the Allardyce stories circulating everyday (and that wouldn’t surprise me)

Leaving in the Summer? Whether he is first or second choice expect to see Guy next season…

What kind of season will he have next? If he can stay injury free a good one I reckon



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5 thoughts on “End of season player review: Guy Demel

  1. The team’s problems are not so much on the right side of the defence, but on the other side. Linda cannot be starter, Demel can. Linda doesn’t intimidadte or scare anyone in his corridor, Demel does with his fine technique and cool. By pushing up, he forces opponents to stay away from the attacking positions. Demel is fine against 2/3 of the teams in the division. He suffers against higher quality players but that is how it is. Linda suffers against more than 1/2 of the teams.

    Get a good left back if Armero doesn’t stay. I don’t know if the Kouyate romours are founded or not, but he is central defender, so not the first priority. Then get a couple of midfielders (Carlos Sanchez to me would be a definite plus), and one or two strikers (Origi is one I would love to see land at West Ham). But isn’t that what we have all been saying?

  2. didn’t Allarshit say 6 or 7 out with the same amount in cant see anyone wanting to play dinosaur football plus he as dragged our club backwards not 1 English player in our team good enough for the world cup squad where as over the years we use to have 1 or 2 make it ffs Sullivan sack this cunt plz as I wont be travelling from Norfolk to watch this shit I want entertainment

  3. Not entirely sure he’s a premier player – saying that, he gives 100% – & if he’s the best we have (& he might be……) Lets have another season out of him.

  4. For me, I rate Demel going forward, he causes more problems than most, if not all of our midfielders. He’s not the best defensively, which isn’t great for a defender, but I will be glad if he is here next season.

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