BFS poodle bites back….

This according to the Daily Mirror…………At the end of season awards dinner, Sullivan stood up & said…

“I want to apologise to the supporters for this season.
“It has not been good enough. We will sit down next week and look at what we need to take things forward.”

But Nolans reply is curious…

“I think this season has been a testing season for us all. It is the owner’s prerogative to say what he wants, the way he sees it.

“But I think if he looks back on this season, he will see how difficult it has been. It has been a tough old season, I am not going to deny that. But I don’t think there is a need to apologise to the fans.

“If you speak to the fans, I don’t think they would want an apology. The minority might, the majority won’t.

“What they have seen this year is that they have a team who really want to play for this club and really want to do well for this club and I am sure, given time with this squad, and hopefully with a few new additions that the gaffer will be sorting out this summer, you will see a different us next season.”

“The talk about Sam shocked a lot of the boys, all I would say is that the Gaffer has got us all behind him. From day one, when he walked in here, he has proved to everyone what he can do.

“This year we have been blighted by injuries. I don’t think any other team in the bottom 10 would have been able to stay in the Premier League if they had the injuries we had.”

“I would tell the chairman you have to stick with him because you have to look at what he built at Bolton. He took them from the Championship into Europe within five years.

“It is a sad occasion when we are talking about him getting sacked when you look at the magnificent job he has done for three seasons.”

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7 thoughts on “BFS poodle bites back….

  1. Yeah because if Sam goes there isn’t a manager that has managed in the prem that would have Nolan in his starting 11 let alone squad. Self preservation.

  2. No wonder Sam takes Nolan with him wherever he goes. It’s a love in! That said, if BFS does stay, he probably will have a better year next year as this seasons injuries we’re unusually bad. Although if the right manager is available I’d like a change. What’s the deal with Laudrup?

    • Shut it Nolan ur full of shit u scouse
      C..t!!!!! Ur all behind the manager..??
      Well u are you fuckin brown nose..
      That’s why u got sent off TWICE u twat

  3. whose fucking who? Nolan & Allardyce both can fuck off as for an apology stick it up your arse I know we were playing Citeh today but as Delia Smith said to the inbreds at Narwich lets be having you this lot at our club have proper took the cunt out of us this season the players are fizzy pop league let alone the prem I will not be going amymore as 45 years & this season as been a toil BFS out you CUNT

  4. Nolan clearly fucking forgot that we scrapped through the fizzy pop league, a league we that we shoulda gone up automatically from with the players we had! Last season granted was good and it gave FATSO something to build on. But did he? No! Because instead of evolving the squad and trying sumin new on the pitch he refused to change tactics and could’nt attract any decent strikers or players for that matter so of course when your sole striker whom you built your team around is out long term with no decent back uo player or plan tgen your gonba struggle but this was a situation that could have been avoided, he’s a useless cunt who’s living in the past! Allardyce OUT!!!

  5. If Sam has more ambition than westham united, then god help us after another inept performance. Spineless, clueless, heartless and soul less. We didn’t even give it a go and he openly said ‘he was proud if our display’. ThAts ambition??? Really???

    • Agree, we have put in some woeful performances this season – due I believe, through tactics, injuries excluded – most of the blame lies with Fat Sam – & a lot to do with his signings.

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