Sam Baldock on West Ham

“I was told I was not going to play and no footballer likes to be told that,”

“I don’t think I suited the way he wanted to play and he was honest enough to say that to my face. He said I was an honest boy who needed to play football and I respected him for his honesty. In hindsight, I think he was right. I certainly wouldn’t have played as many games as I have here had I stayed at West Ham.

“I’ve scored more goals at Bristol City this season than in any other season and I wouldn’t have had those career stats had I not come here two years ago. I have no regrets.”

Baldock has scored 35 goals for City for far (still think he would of done a job for us)


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14 thoughts on “Sam Baldock on West Ham

  1. It’s not good news for us when a good player cannot reach his full potential and score lots of goals simply because the system doesn’t suit him. Getting the most out of a striker sometimes involves adjusting the system and as Sam is unwilling to do that it greatly reduces the number of strikers who can/will do well for us.

    Let alone the number of strikers on the transfer market who are willing to try…

      • That was kind the point I was making in my last sentence. Generally I support Sam and given a full season with no key injuries he might do OK. But all teams suffer some injuries and he needs to plan better for this with alternate formations and quality subs.

        Thanks to the system he plays and Andy Carroll clearly being Sam’s first choice, no strikers want to sit on our bench. I can’t see how Sam is going to have a better summer of signings than last year.

  2. I really like Baldock as a player and I think he’s probably someone who would have been doing well for us if he’d stayed for the two/three years. The type of striker we are crying out for and it’s a shame that Sam can’t see that and never gave him a proper chance. Imagine him getting onto Andy’s knock downs! Nolan kiss my arse!

  3. Every fan said we should never have sold him and that he would be good for us, like the last comment said he would of have been great with Carroll but who did we get stuck with.. Maiga an a bloke who could’nt scorein the red light district of Amsterdam in a nyphomaniac brothel. Good call BFS!!!

  4. Super Sam! I don’t understand why BFS bought him in the first place, he must have known he didn’t fit his style. We had a better team in that season in the fizzy pop then we do now. Lansbury was a good player too, why didn’t we buy him?

  5. There might be something we don’t know about Lansbury. He hasn’t really made it since his loan with West Ham ended. Is it a pure quality issue or is it his behaviour/personality ? I don’t really know him, just wondering.

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