Some nice bones to pick out of the bottom three

Even after todays draw against Chelsea I still expect Norwich to go down. So for the first time in a long time there are actually some decent players that are going to want away from the bottom three clubs come the Summer:


Gary Hooper

R Van Wolfswinkel

Robert Snodgrass

Leroy Fer






Cardiff C




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7 thoughts on “Some nice bones to pick out of the bottom three

  1. Definitely worth going for Mitroglou for a free transfer. Seen him in Greece and definitely got talent!

  2. Missing the main one IMO.. Olsen from Norwich has been a great player for them at lb or lm still young aswell and a position we need to fill

  3. PARKER? Are you fucking kidding? Made his name by actually earning his money then fucked off to them cunts, He;s dead!

  4. Good names one the list. Also yes to Ollsen at Norwich and no to Parker at Fulham. IMO the best player you missed is Redmond at Norwich.

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