Selling WHU

Lots in the news today about G&S selling the Brums down the river. Basically Sullivan said that Carson promised 40 Million in transfer funds so they basically took his word for it and the rest they say is history…

But don’t be fooled when we move we will attract interest from outside parties who claim all sorts of riches, hell we know all about it and it almost ruined us so can we trust this lot to sell us onto a reliable bunch that will invest?

Chelsea, Man C, Liverpool and Man U have got it right to a certain extent but the smaller clubs have come unstuck so which category will we fall into?

G&S fucked it up once can we trust them to get it right second time round? One thing we do know is they are onto a right little earner when it happens!

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One thought on “Selling WHU

  1. I wudnt trust em with my nan in a oap home they are in for the short term make a quick profit & let’s hope we get Sheik ya Money in & have some proper football & players

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