We won’t go down

People still panicking like bitches, check out the fixture list!

Even if we lose against the Shites and Man City our goal difference means we effectively have an extra point on Norwich which means they have to win their last two, we lose our last two plus all the teams below have to win at least one game!

If we went down there would be one seriously bad omen looming over us…



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6 thoughts on “We won’t go down

  1. Were safe….Now David’s, sack the useless twat in charge, and give us more time sort this massive mess he’s left us in. If we start next season with anything like the squad we have now, we will not be so lucky.

  2. Its looking safe for this season but Villa West Brom & Sunderland have a game in hand on us grr can see us finishing either 16th or 17th wud that be better than last season of course not its a disaster so G & S sack Allardyce & sell the club to someone who as West Ham in there veins as you clowns plus Brady have tarnished our great club you couldn’t run a circus BFS G & S & Brady out out out we have had enough

    • Don’t hold your breath, they came here with an agenda and won’t be leaving anytime soon, They don’t care about the footy, the ends justify the means for them, I’m thankful the majority think like us.

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