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8 thoughts on “Revolt!

  1. I hope the owners have the cojones to relieve BFS of his duties at the end of season review. I don’t enjoy watching us play anymore, and is surviving relegation really an achievement for us? With the new stadium round the corner do the owners really think having BFS in charge will attract top players and get us in to Europe? Wake up G&S or else ‘your dreams will fade and die!’ Thanks to Allardyce for getting us straight back into the Premier League (albeit the hard way), and for a decent season last year. However, unlike Roberto Martinez who took over a club with a solid base to build on, our next manager has the unenviable task of righting the wrongs within the squad, both tactically and with an overhaul of the playing staff.

    BFS Out!!!

  2. Sadly we are little better off than we were 4 years ago when Zola was sacked for the sin of being no worse that Big Sam, despite having a fraction of the spend. BS was supposed to be boring but safe, instead we are now boring and in a total black hole.

  3. Ironic that Pepe Mel (could have done a good job at The Boleyn if given a chance) puts one over on our useless manager who should have been given the push last season!

    • Pepe Mel is massively over rated. Look at his track record it reads….good season then bottom or bottom half then sacked at every club.

      He will have a decent season next maybe then they will be relegation fodder but I not getting too cocky because at the moment we are playing like a team rooted at the bottom…

      • At least Pepe Mel will make West Brom a mid-table team next season whereas the Fat clueless Twat will get us relegated next season!

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