Manager next season

Pardew looks like he wont make next season along with Arry if QPR don’t go up. Both ex managers and generally that shit doesn’t work, I hear Laudrup a lot but he doesn’t get on with people.

Malky is my personal favourite but some might still want Allardyce to stay (fuck knows why) Moyes will probably get the lillyshites job which means Sherwood will be looking for a job (over my dead body)

Who do you want?


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4 thoughts on “Manager next season

  1. A manager that can getting us to play football like we know whether we win lose or draw that when we leave the stadium we can say we were entertained also the fans to get there voices back & make the boleyn a fortress & not a library like it is now Malky or Laudrup wud be a good choice but defo not twitchy

    • Spot on Rick. Personally I’d prefer Malky over Laudrup, but I’d be happy with either. The bottom line is that BFS has to go!

  2. If Sam secures pl status then give him to Christmas and if it’s not getting any better look elsewhere. Boring football poor performances, players need to step up and prove they deserve to wear the shirt.

  3. No point in giving Sam until Xmas because we have seen what he has in his locker and will waste money on dross. Laudrup good football but can he take us on? Malky the same, good football, but next level? Pardew…not a chance, did nothing here before and has failed to inspire at Newcastle, moyes coukd take us to top 5 but not beyond. I still say bilic….international manager, good football, hungry and knows the club.

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