Linda has spoken………..

“Of course I want to stay here,” he has told The Newham Recorder.

“I am not getting any younger of course, but it would be lovely to be here next season.

“Talks haven’t started yet. The manager has already stated he will wait until we are mathematically safe before he starts talking as I think there are a few players out of contract.

“We will wait until that day comes and see what happens.”



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6 thoughts on “Linda has spoken………..

  1. If were to step it up next year then I, m afraid that for me linda doesn’t have enough about him, he, s an average left back, good but not the best I, m afraid, we need a replacement or 2 .

  2. Good dedicated soldier, not outstanding. Hard worker, within his limitations. Squad player, not first team starter.
    Keep him if salary low. If not, find younger for the same price.

  3. If this club has ANY ambition – then it isn’t offering a championship player a new contract.
    It is rather worrying that we haven’t produced from the youth. a replacement

  4. its about time Dan Potts got the odd game plus get rid of Linda Taylor Demel Diarra their too old this club should be giving youth a chance but not with the Northern wanker in charge plz sack him

  5. Linda is one of those players that you wouldn’t miss if he went, but you don’t mind having in the squad. Echoing the previous comments, he’s a hard worker but not a first teamer. Dan Potts needs to be the #2 and we need to buy a starting left back. If Norwich go down we might go back in for Martin Ollson (and Nathan Redmond). After this season it’s clear that we need to rebuild. The squad is lacking in depth and the manager has one game plan. The first thing we need is a new manager, then the owners need to give him a healthy transfer budget (and not blow it on one player and rely on loans for the rest if the season), then change the tactics and formation. WTF ever happened to 4-4-2???

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