I think he’s finished

“He’s not 100 per cent,” He’s had no pre-season at all. He’s worked very hard, but getting into games at this stage of the season after so long out is hard.

You spent 15 Million on a crock just admit it!

“It’s hard to get that ultimate sharpness that you need. Hopefully he can find it.

Bit late now the season is over…

“He looked sharp when he came back. His enthusiasm and the energy from being so pleased to be back with us carried him through, but that catches up with you when you’ve been out for so long.

Still trying to convince the board why he spent 15 Million on him

“A little bit of fatigue kicks in. We’ve got to work through it and hopefully he can finish the season by scoring a few goals for us.”

Yeah that would help as we only have one half decent striker

“What we need to do is find an alternative type of front man that scores a few more goals, we’ll have to do that,” Allardyce said.

You wont find a striker that can score with a 4-5-1 formation and plays second fiddle to a crock you mug!

“If Andy had been with us all season, we’d be top half, I’m convinced about that.

Maybe you but the rest of us know the truth

“Carlton Cole has done a fantastic job but it took him a long time to get going because he didn’t join us until after the January window had shut, and Modibo Maiga has struggled since he’s been here unfortunately. We would have hoped he’d have done better.

5 Million on a flop, a striker the club didn’t want and came back and our third choice injured for half a season (yet again)

“I’m convinced the front man is the key to how you do in a season, and if we had Andy out on the pitch, match-fit and scoring the goals we know he can with Kevin Nolan, I think we’d be a lot further up the table than we are now.”

Final nail in the coffin me thinks, Gold comments on twitter suggest the club has finally had enough…

We should do all we can to get Moyes, flop at Man U but he knows how to manage a club on a budget…

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9 thoughts on “I think he’s finished

  1. I would drive up north and chauffer Moyes down to us, anything to get rid of that Mike Bassett wannabe, gotta be Malky or Moyes now. Wirh those comments from Gold surely the wtitings on the wall for Allashite! With the board now losing faith

  2. I’m not on twitter so can someone tell me what Gold has said? Hopefully it’s something along the lines of “The board members have finally taken their heads out of their arses and now realise that BFS is a useless, pig headed, dinosaur and he has to go”!

  3. If this is true lets get the flags out as under T-Rex its been proper shit football the Northern teams hes managed the fans didnt care as they live in the dark ages anyway so cudnt see the shit they were watching

    • I should imagine when seasons over
      And we’ve stayed up by the skin of our
      Teeth… They G+S will kick his fat ass
      To the nearest tube n fuck off back
      North. Malkay in please….:)

  4. Just asking my fellow west ham supporters would it be wrong to have Carlton cole play the rest of the season and send big Andy to the resurves or change to a 442 and see Elliot lee partner carrol

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