Sorry had to have a dig


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8 thoughts on “Sorry had to have a dig

  1. I feel a tad reluctant to have a go at any other team right now, with the state of our own side. Sunday summed up our situation, Everton totally outplaying an average Utd team that completely did us with little effort, (from us or them).
    We are likely to stay up because there is a load of dross in our so called best league in the world.
    If I seem a little pissed off with the comments, its because im looking at another season of staying away from U/P, because I will not spend my hard earned on the tripe Alardyce, and his dead wood continue to serve up.

  2. I agree anyone is better than Sam, but I’m not sure on moyes yet. Sure he did a good job at Everton with limited resources but it has to be said he was there a long long time. I’m just not sure any club is that patient anymore. Would definately be a step forward for us but can he take us to the next level??history says yes into Europa league places….but not beyond that.

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