So let’s say SA gets another season with us

When the shit hit the fan earlier this season G&A felt like they were forced to come out in public and back their manager.

This season they were right, don’t care what some say we will stay up (just) so the decision was right but when they came out in public and backed him they said his position will be reviewed in the summer based on the performance of the whole season.

So if he gets to stay what does it say about the ambition of the club. We are moving to this swanky new stadium right? They have been banging on about becoming a top 5 club when we move in but with SA we are just a club that survives every season.

If they give him another season they are basically saying they are happy with a team that just survives season after season.

To be honest next season is already scaring the shit out of me, we are going to be bombarded with the 25man transfer target list and end of august we will be told they all turned us down because working under Allardyce is probably like having a hot poker driven through your nutsack!

So what’s it gonna be West Ham? Another season of just surviving or getting a manager that actually knows what the fuck he is doing?

Get Malky in! At least he now knows the prem and the championship!

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12 thoughts on “So let’s say SA gets another season with us

  1. SA has to go. It’s just game after game of shit tactics where the players are told to get it wide, whack it to Carroll and hope for the best. As for an England call up, based on his last few games I doubt he would make Barking Brownies first 11. Where has the West Ham we love gone. We have no teeth in attack. Not one player In the hole these days and no creativity. The owners need to sell, they haven’t got the cash for what we need. All the time they stay SA stays in the hope we’re not a championship team by the time we move to the new stadium.

  2. I really don’t know where we’re going anymore?? If he stays it simply to keep us up and to be fair it’s been by the skin of our teeth. Maybe we are pushing our boat out to think he can pull off survival again. We need to build and change, we may end up being relegated going into the new stadium playing shit football having had faith in a lame horse that simply can’t race.

    • G+S if you really do give a shit about
      Our club please please fucking
      PLEASE…!!! End of this season get
      Rid of that fat old skool bastard….
      Oh n take ur bum boy with ya!!! Nolan.

  3. Out played at home by the mighty Crystal Palace. We play this style that our dinosaur of a manager is an expert at coaching. Our players have been brought in especially to play, and we aren’t even any good at playing this archaic style of football. We will probly stay up with Alardyce in charge, not because he’s in charge.
    Our pathetic owners haven’t got the balls, or the knowledge to change things in the summer, so we have another season at least of this tripe to look forward to. God help us all.

  4. Ideal manager for us ? Simeone. Look what he has done with Atletico Madrid, a team with much lesser budget than Barca and Real, and players who were not the most attractive. Top of the liga, shooting for Lisboa (Champions final), and with players giving it all from minute one, and with the stadium on fire each time they play home.

    We can’t afford Simeone, he won’t want to come anyway (has Atleti blood in his veins), but that’s the type of management I want to see. Upton Park is always eager to light up. Doesn’t take much, but it won’t happen with this attitude. Since it is easier to change one man than the whole team, change him. More than half of the players are decent to good ones. You can build on that. But with Allardyce’s mindset (and you are right, almost nobody wants to come play for him, there must be a reason), it won’t happen.

    My father, who lives in France now, watches very little football, he knows I follow West Ham but he hadn’t seen West Ham in a long time. He watched the game against Hull with me, and his comments were :
    1- This is is VERY old football. Who is the manager ?
    2- How do they expect the tall fellow to do anything ? Nobody helps him and nobody’s near him. (Talking about Carroll).
    3- Why do they turn in circles and pass the ball back constantly instead of going forward ? What’s this lateral style of playing ?

    Sums it up quite well from someone outside the passion of claret and blue, doesn’t it ? I think he is on target.

    Retire Allardyce, get someone who can use the players he has (yes, Allardyce has kept us up with limited means and quality, but this is going south). Life doesn’t stop or end without Allardyce.

  5. G & S have gave there answer for next season by freezing season tkts so there saying put up & shut up vote with your pockets dont go I know easier said than done but after todays dross I cudnt give a fuck about this team anymore do they care about us NO as for T-Rex the manager Mourinho wasnt far off when he said 19th century football just forgot the prehistoric era for West Ham

  6. Allardyce did a good job in getting us back in the prem, however after two seasons its clear he is no prem manager, the premiership for is about exciting attacking football where teams go for it and managers flex their tactical knowledge week in week out look whats happened to the careers of Rodgers,Martinez and Moyes they were unknown before. All those qualities BFS just doesnt do. We need Malky or even like i said before DiMatteo

  7. He didn’t even do well getting us up. We had a premiership squad in the championship and we got in through the back door. He has since shown that he has what it takes to just about keep a side afloat with his limited tactics. If that’s what we want as westham fans to be an average side yo yoing in a quality league then I guess he will do. It’s not for me and nor are his shit tactics!!!

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