Dylan Tombides – 1994-2014 – R.I.P.

Tragic loss to testicular cancer – today – & at just 20, had by all accounts a promising future for us – cut short.
He only played once for us, coming on as an 84th min. substitution in a league cup game, thoughts are with his family…..R.I.P.


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2 thoughts on “Dylan Tombides – 1994-2014 – R.I.P.

  1. We went into the game against Crystal Palace as we always do , with hope , but after a Palace recent revival , much apprehension.
    Sadly yesterday one of own own passed away , a young player who had battled cancer now for 4 years. It struck me looking at media , more the fans and how some of them say – let’s do it for Dylan , we can win this game now , he would want us to , yes and surely he would, but is it right to think going into this game with this news is a reason to expect it.
    Well no, not right and no way guaranteed with West Ham for sure.
    Arriving at the sold out game and walking down past the famous gates a first real sign that maybe spirits would be lifted , I saw scarves and flags tied to the gates in honour of Dylan .
    A stirring , inspiring minutes applause by all in the ground certainly raised expectations that as a team much more would be available in spirit today.
    Sadly not to be , the same old , hoof it up , playing ping pong , hope it drops , no running at the Palace box , no danger or excitement created, left me feeling again very disappointed.
    The club had rightly got behind Dylan’s passing and set a good tone , the team failed behind that to deliver but what is strange we needed something of that magnitude to make us believe. We were going to get something from this game.

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