Bony v Carroll

Well at the beginning of the season I was convinced Bony was the man to sign but he turned us down for Swansea City.

This season he has scored around 12 goals but hasn’t really done much for them. They are struggling and could still go down, but I doubt Bony would of ever been suited to Allardyce’s style of play.

So with the season almost over would you of preferred Bony over Carroll at the start of the season?

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6 thoughts on “Bony v Carroll

  1. Value for money, Bony is the better but, Carroll is better suited to Allardyces’ style. When fatty fucks off we can start to aquire the ball players and crowd pleasers we crave.

  2. Bony has scored a total of 19 goals this season in all competitions. That is what he has to be judged on and not each teams style of football. Carroll has ?2 so bony is better value for money end of!! Well never know if Carroll would have scored more and we won’t know if bony would have scored more in bfs system or if Carroll would have scored more in Swansea system. 19 against 2. Job done!!

  3. I will say however that i wouldn’t swap Carroll for girould or westham even under bfs for the frustrating style of football arsenal play as pretty as it is a times. It would drive me mad to have a team pass the ball around the edge of the box constantly with little end product or to continually fall at the first hurdle season after season.

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