Arsenal 3v1 West Ham Utd.

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12 thoughts on “Arsenal 3v1 West Ham Utd.

  1. RIP Graham Paddon I remember the peach you scored against Arsouls in 75 North Bank end after 5 mins proper player who wore the shirt with pride not like these cunts

  2. Surely surely now is the time for bfs to go. We need to take the next step and were told once everyone was fit we would see what westham were about. Waited….seen….shit….fuck off!!!

  3. Whoevers in charge, (please not this clueless, useless twat), the transfer window is vital, we need someone who can create something, we have nobody who can change a game, just a load of dead wood. And as for Diame stating the slags from Liverpool want him…..Don’t fink so, after that load of tripe he dished up.

  4. As important as it is to get in a few decent recruits in the summer, for me its just as important that we get rid of a load of dead wood that is draining the wage budget. Jussi (thanks), Obrien, Linda, Johnson, ????, Vaz (never been close to prem class), Jarvis (joke player), Carlton, J. Cole (long gone). There’s probly more, but until we get rid, the budget will stay limited. For me, get rid of Sam, get a new man in with more than one way of playing, and HAPPY DAYS.

    • Agree Oxford, lot of dead wood in the squad – we could easily shift (& should) several players & they wouldn’t be missed. We need 3 or 4 GOOD players, & a couple of Bosmans in the summer. Oh yeah, add Taylor & Diame & Carroll to your list

      • I can only think of 4 players worth keeping: Noble, Reid, Tomkins and Adrian. The rest can go to the highest bidder, or in some cases (Jarvis for example) pay to get to get rid of them. We need a massive overhaul of the first team, but first and foremost we need a new manager. Unfortunately I think the damage BFS has done is too great and if we get rid of him the new manager will struggle to keep us in the Premier League, but I would rather us have one of two seasons in the fizzy pop than keep BFS.

  5. It’s not so much a ‘couple of seasons in the fizzy pop’ – but it’s getting back to the prem. that’s the tricky bit. Just ask Blakburn, Forest, Bolton, Sheff. Wed, Coventry, Wolves, Portsmouth.

    • Wow last I heard he had recovered! The survival rate is so high you don’t hear of people dying from it.

      I will be checking myself more vigilantes from now on. He was a real prospect for us RIP son and hope he didn’t suffer like others have to that horrible disease.

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