Lawro predicts…

No prediction from our resident tosser but no doubt he would of gone for an Arsenal win. Personally I can see us getting something from the match because they are so inconsistent at the moment.

I don’t care what anyone says we gave those scousers a scare and against Arsenal with the same tactics we can beat them. Not going to be easy I know but we have had them in the past and if I recall correctly we did the double over them last season was it?

Gonna go for a……




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6 thoughts on “Lawro predicts…

  1. They beat us both times last year, but in both games as in the Boxing Day game this year we scored first. They could be tired from Saturday, and we are very physical. It could be an interesting encounter.

    Or they could absolutely pummel us.

  2. Maybe in our first year back under Pards? I know we won at Highbury, 3-2, but I’m not sure how we did at home. And in the great escape year we won away on a Zamora goal, but not sure how we did at home. Last year they destroyed us 5-1 there and we lost 3-1 at home.

  3. But USA Dave – I believe you’re right….their last defeat at Highbury……..but things were coming good for us that season – we reached the cup final as well!!!

  4. I think it’s a few years since we did the double. I remember Sol Campbell had a nightmare and pretty much never played for them again. I believe we were the first team to beat them at the Emirates too.

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