WHU rumours around the net


Just the sort of signing Allardyce would conjure up.


We tried Joe Cole it didn’t work so I’m hesitant about this rumour as well. Rio is well past his best but Carrick do a job for us!

news3 news4

Basically Diame wants out for a third time!


Personally I reckon we should stay well clear of any Sunderland defenders!


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6 thoughts on “WHU rumours around the net

  1. Well dont these rumors just fill ya with optimisim!! Then again thier just rumors i suppose, because no offense to Rio and Carrick who are both past their best thier all not good enough and wont make the squad that much better. Micah Richards is looking for a way of City there’s a start

  2. Don’t want Rio or Carrick! M’bia is the one from QPR isn’t he? Didn’t look all that when they went down. Would love to see Armero stay permanently!

  3. Here we go for the next 6 months….Rumour, rumour, …. On Armero…. How many times do we hear these so called superstars that cost 10, 20, 30 mill, (spuds), they need six months to settle, he looked half decent, first start.. encouraging hope we get him signed up.

  4. let’s get Allardyce out first then hope we get Malky as manager who will sign players cos they like him & the West Ham way not mercenaries like BFS

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