Booing after a win

Clearly Allardyce doesn’t give a shit but there are mixed reactions on twitter from our fans. Lots think it’s right and lot’s think it’s a win which means survival no matter how poor that game was last night.

So do you think booing the players after a win is right? Also can anyone else ever remember us winning a game with a penalty and an OG? This is a first for me…

cupping the ear

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9 thoughts on “Booing after a win

  1. We have to remember that survival is the goal we have tried to play pretty football and been relegated we have to give time to Big Sam to build a team that can not only survive but bloom and play the football we want, don’t boo the team for winning how demoralising is that for the players!

  2. I believe BFS has taken the club down, from being a footballing club to a good league 1 side. Tactics are out of the window, I don’t think he has ever studied tactics anyway. All the teams that play us say “How are WH going to play against us today?” A 12 year old knows how they’re going to play, big boot to Andy and wait for the second ball!. How sad we’ve become. Ron Greenwood has turned in his grave, several times watching us. God help us until the end of the season and then get rid!!!!!!!

  3. Allardyce has turned west ham from most peoples favourite second team to everyone’s pet hate, Ok we will stay up now…. despite him…. not because of him, and the frustration of playing at home, against ten men, one up, against mighty Hull City, and still playing one forward, was to much for some. He’s an arrogant, clueless, prat, who’s attitude is my way, or no way, and for the sake of our future has to go at the end of this season.

  4. The fans were booing BFS and NOT the players.
    BFS has ticked all the boxes we required – promotion/ship steadying etc, but he isn’t whufc – it’s NOW time to move on.

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