WHUFC 2v1 Hull City


BFS's reaction to the booing at the end of the match

BFS’s reaction to the booing at the end of the match

West Ham United: Adrian, McCartney, Nolan (c), Tomkins, Carroll, Taylor, Noble, Collins, Demel, Diame, Downing
Subs: Jaaskelainen, Armero, Vaz Te, C.Cole, J.Cole, Johnson, Nocerino



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7 thoughts on “WHUFC 2v1 Hull City

    • But there’s the conundrum, we’ve won – but we ain’t happy.
      I’d rather we tried to ground out EVERY result, & lose than cynically try n’ hang on against a 10 man terrible team at home with a 2-1 win. I know many won’t agree, but this is awful. We pay Carroll 70k A WEEK to defend?

      • Well roll on end of season…then
        Ain’t gotta sit through some
        Decent players other half decent
        Players being made to play
        Negative football….!! West ham
        Ain’t used to ‘lump it up there’
        Football. See ya fat boy..!!

  1. I was at the game last night 2 adult tkts £84 plus kid for a quid also train fares from Bury St Edmunds to Stratford returns & BFS as the cheek to say about the booing if this is football then im sorry not going to waste my money on this shit the players looked knackered fuck knows why perhaps a proper job would see how lucky they are to be paid big money for being boring grr its time for big changes in manager to players ie Taylor Demel Linda Nolan & Joe Cole these are crap & in 2 yrs this once proud club move with all the heritage built by us the fans to a white elephant how do G&S going to persuade people to dig deep year after year to watch that dross that I suffered last night not me glad Im not a season ticket holder anymore so do us a favour BFS fuck off you boring northern cunt

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