Oh well so much for my predictions…

Bollocks is the first word that comes to mind because I thought before the game started they were there for the taking even though every pundit had Man U to win.

Being a Hammer I looked back at our history of screwing them over at pivital moments and the fact that their defence is poor at the moment, but clearly we had no cutting edge up front because they had no problems keeping us out of their net.

The highlight of last night was the ball bouncing along the roof of the East Stand and back into play. Grrrrr sort it out West Ham!! God am I thankful we won those 4 games on the bounce or we would be bottom three by now and Sam knows it!

What we need is a player that can open up defences whether they start or come on as a sub but we don’t have one and haven’t had one for years. Where is Armero? Linda had a nightmare because almost everything was coming down his flank when they broke and you could see age was a factor and I’m hearing Armero is quality but he isn’t playing why?

Allardyces idea of bringing a player on to change things was Jarvis and that’s when you know we are lacking in creativity. The midfield is going to be very important come the Summer and he has to get in early doors to get the players he wants into the club.

Yes in typical fashion goal of the season is going to be against us…Can I also say Adrian has had pelters for that goal but even though he was caught with his pants down I think he had it covered if the ball hadn’t swerved at the last minute..

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3 thoughts on “Oh well so much for my predictions…

  1. Your probably better of saying nothing Boleyn, other than IT HURTS WEST HAM IT REALLY DOES HURT !! , i or maybe we didn’t expect a win maybe or hopefully a draw but not to turn up at all really does f**king HURT !!.

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