Lawro predicts….

0-2 Man U!

Ok I suppose any pundit would go for a Man U win but this is like saying Mercs are still reliable cars, like Man U they are living off their past and I’m convinced we will beat the Northern Wankers (I say Northern but most of them probably live next door to you)


No RVP is a major plus for us because he is about the only one that can score for them right now and their defence is all over the place and I can see Carroll giving them all sorts of problems! Yeah gonna stick my neck out and say 1-0 to us.





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3 thoughts on “Lawro predicts….

  1. We are live on Sky, which is never a good omen, and I’m about to jinx us but, ‘it’s a good time to play them’. However I don’t think 1 goal will be enough, I’m going for 2-1, COYI

  2. wot a poor performance against a shit team just goes to show Allardyce as to go he alone with some of the woeful signings as ruined our great club & the best laugh still to come the OS

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