Is Reid heading for the exit door?

The rumour is that the enemy in white are interested in Winston Reid and we will be interested if they offer the asking price of 10 Million. Normally I would say bollocks but this coincides with rumours that we are interested in two defenders.

Ryan Bertrand


Kyle Naughton


Two young defenders and still a few million left over. Seems like a good deal to me…

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12 thoughts on “Is Reid heading for the exit door?

  1. You’re kidding me right? Bertrand isn’t a bad player, but Naughton is a liability. Reid is a quality player, I’d like him to stay obviously, but if he goes I don’t want him wearing white!!! I’d like to think he’s done enough to deserve a top team.

  2. Why do players think that moving to that other team think it’s a step forward. To leave for arsenal, man utd, Liverpool, chelski or city….good move and a step forward. What have spurs honestly achieved??? One season in the champions league and getting knocked out of Europe early doors!! Any cups?? Any trophies??? Madness!!!

  3. NO FUCKING WAY!!! How is seeing our top quality defender and i do mean TOP quality playing for the lilyshites for only 10mil!! Oh because we’re gonna buy two AVERAGE at best players. And like others have someone tell Reid that going to them is not moving your career forward tell him to ask Scotty Parker

  4. Rubbish why on earth would we bring in two full backs for a central defender when we’ve all seen the problems this year. Absolute nonsense.

  5. I’d wait until the managers position was confirmed, if Fatty goes and a forward thinking manager is installed, I’d stay. If fatty stays, I’d be off, there’d be better offers than the spuds should his availiablity be announced.

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