If Man U beat us will you start panicking again?

Let’s be honest there has never been a better time to play Man U at home. Mark Bosnic seems to think all they have to do is turn up and the 3pts are in the bag but we are their bogey team!

But this is the thing I actually fully expect us to turn them over and if we don’t and they turn us over that will then be 3 losses on the bounce!

That will pretty much nullify our great run of 4 wins and almost back to square one. So if we were to lose to Man U would you start panicking again?

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7 thoughts on “If Man U beat us will you start panicking again?

  1. Personally i can a draw here, but nah i wont be panicking i think we’ll be ok and find the points to be safe. Though its gotta change next season

  2. I have never panicked because as much as I want us to stay up big Sam will be definately be gone if we finish anywhere near the bottom 3. It’s naive to say we have palace and hull next. Hull have been very difficult to beat and with their two forwards it’s a tough ask. Palace are battling for their lives. I would take two points from both of those games as good results and anything over that is a bonus..

  3. I never did put man u down as a win anyway at best a draw, but should we lose to hull and palace then yes i will be worried,in BFS i do not trust.

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