February manager of the month

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6 thoughts on “February manager of the month

  1. well done Sam how important it was for the directors to hold there nerve, just look at Fulham, WBA and Cardiff not to mention Sunderland

  2. Highlights all that’s wrong in the English game and thinking. So he/we produced the best turnover in the month, he’s still a clueless cunt, he always has been and always will be.
    The angels Ron & John will be turning in their graves.
    The acid test comes when some poor fucker has to come in and right the wrongs committed by this dick, which won’t be easy in a single season.

  3. I’ve had debate with other fans who’ve ripped into my critisisms of the fat cunt by citing meaningless facts such as he has never been relegated. It has always been my contention that those same facts say that he was the common denominator in the relegations that followed soon after his departure from Blackburn, Bolton & Newcastle. safe to say that I’m not the brightest brick in the wall but there’s a pattern developing here, incoming managers have to imprint their own signature on the playing staff and instruct that those players adhere to the way the boss says, not so easy to instil in players who were brought up playing football,it’s one thing to inegrate to an exsisting team and ethos and entirely another to change change the same team in its entirety and with that, the way that it plays therefore Allardyce buys Allardyce players which is fine if one sees being a perpetual also ran as a success, as above, I assure you that great men would be sobbing to see the type of football being served by the hosts at The Boleyn nowadays, I’m relieved that neither of my heroes lived to see this shit

    For the name calling cunts (superanus and supernuts are jellied eels to me) I lived my life supporting and following a team that ticked all the boxes, simply making up the numbers was just not on.’79s relegation was actually enhanced by the fact that we beat the micks on the 10th of may the next year to win the FA cup. Yes back then it took something more than 7th in division 4 or whatever its called now to get to play at the great stadium Losing to Everton in the final match of the ’85 season is my proudest time, three days after we could’ve won the title was the dogs bollocks, and , more to the point was well deservred and hard fought for by those players, it’s an insult to those people that survival seems to be our watchword.
    I still think, We are the mighty, the mighty West Ham, and always have, always will, just please get rid of the shit before I can’t justify it anymore………………….. myn kids are nearly grown ups.

  4. You either love him or hate him. He has ticked all the boxes, and we still don’t really like him……
    or some of us don’t 😉

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