Look who’s scoring goals for fun

Our man Sam Baldock who has scored 20 goals so far this season. We could of turned him into a great striker had we stuck with him, pleased for the fella anyhow…

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8 thoughts on “Look who’s scoring goals for fun

  1. I have to admit I kind of liked Sam Baldock and thought that he could have developed into a decent striker for us had we give him a proper go in the side, however you do have to look at what division he is scoring goals in and it is a big step up to the Premier League, just ask poor old Bobby Soldado – free scoring in La Liga but not for Spuds – probably couldn’t score on a grab-a-granny night out with Rooney.
    P.s. – Anyone else have a right old laugh at the fella in the crowd waving the West Ham scarf when Benfica scored their third goal ?

  2. When we sold him alot of people said he would come good, who did we go with…. Maiga!!!!! Still happy for Baldock though

  3. I remember before we sold him he was scoring for fun in pre-season. He has a bit of pace, can shoot from distance and is a bit of a menace in the box at set-pieces. Wrong decision to sell him IMO. He would have had last season and this season being third or fourth choice, playing mostly from the bench, or starting cup games. Then next season would have been a 20+ games starting player. It’s a shame really because he was forced to take a backward step in his career development, but I think he will be snapped up by a Championship club next season and we may soon see him in the Prem. I’m pleased for him ‘Super Sam’!

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