Brady poking fun at Tony


“Whenever I hear the name Tony Fernandes I do have to smile. He once offered David Sullivan and I the chance to go into business with him.

“He offered to buy half our club for nothing, on the basis that it would be worth more with hum running it. We politely declined!”

“What he didn’t understand is football is not like running a normal business and many talented people have failed to even moderately successful in football,”

“Some say that if you want to make a small fortune out of football, start with a large one” 


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8 thoughts on “Brady poking fun at Tony

  1. He isn’t exactly proving her wrong is he. Self confidence and cheek only get you so far. In the uk business environment if that is your approach you need to be like Sugar and know when you are out of your depth and take your profit while you still can and get out before you are trampled, to then put your money in safer, if more boring opportunities. Football doesn’t give you that opportunity because your investment usually declines from the start as Brady says.

  2. These guys both run clubs that are in stupid amounts of debt. I’m not sure what gives our Karen the right to criticise any other club. Keep your own house in order first because if we keep Sam that coukd be us next season ms Brady!!!

  3. Big fan of Brady, but don’t really understand the point of her making these comments. Comes across as a cheap dig and lacks class.

  4. What is our concern with QPR anyway. I don’t remember arsenal slaughtering us so what right do we have to throw any stones. I’m disappointed in her to be honest. Tales out of school come back to bite you!!

  5. Not so sure our debt has been cut to a level that she can crow about it, in fact for all the mouthing off they’ve done fuck all.

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