Pushing on

So we, the manager and the big chiefs will want to push on from this season. The new stadium is looming and they will want to move in a strong position.

Yeah we still have a few months to go but I can see us finishing mid table. Last season we finished mid table so what does the club need to do to try and maybe break into a UEFA Cup place?

Ok so we all know that we need to sort out the striking issue but one up front isn’t going to sort it. Jarvis and Downing just aren’t goal scorers and Carroll needs to start doing more then holding the bloody ball up!

Here it is. I think the midfield needs a major overhaul! We need AT LEAST two midfielders that know how to score goals. Whether it be a playing sitting behind a loan striker or a winger we need more goals from midfield because a loan striker isn’t going to get you 10+ goals a season.

Joe Cole will be gone, Collison will be another. Diarra is 100% leaving along with Nocerino, Diame is debatable and if a decent offer comes in I can see him offski. Ravel is touch and go (but fuck him) and will Taylor have another blinder next season?

So you can see the Midfield will look thin anyway. Also RB (cover) and LB (If Armero doesn’t work out) need sorting. Cover for Adrian is an issue and the striker business will still be a problem, I think eventually they will have to make a decision about Andy. End of the day the 15 Million paid out for him was for a player to get us 10+ goals a season and for one reason or another it just isn’t happening at the moment.

Any other ideas?

Away (cage end) against Palermo

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