Bullet dodge number 2


I thought the near signing of Traore was the bullet dodge of the season but after hearing the shit QPR are in. Clearly not having Fernades as our owner has probably saved us from financial meltdown.

Fact is he was full of shit right from the beginning because he never did have the cash to buy us in the first place and I think it would of been clear that under him we would of been financially fucked because he doesn’t know how to run a club in a sound way.

Ok it’s easy to blame Hughes but owners need to sign the cheques so they have the last word and they must of known that buying all those players could ruin them. Our owners have a different way of running things. Basically they don’t like to have anyone on the books, they just get a shitload of loan players in and tell them to leave in the next window.

Not a great way of doing things because it’s a conveyor belt of players coming in and out of the club every season but still I wouldn’t want to be them right now!

On another note Mr Mokumhammer and I were talking about an ex player by the name of Lars Jacobsen yeah remember him? We were both wondering what happened to him because he had a decent season with us and then did a disappearing act when we went down (jumped ship like the rest)

Anyway for Mr Mokum and maybe some others he is playing for FC Copenhagen!

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