Balls of steel

Yes it took balls of steel but the owners stuck with their man and it paid off. Ok not 100% safe but with our GD it practically gives us another point. But how are the clubs doing with their new managers?

Fulham (relegated)

A fucking joke! From Jol to Meulensteen and then from Meule to Magath all in a season! The joke of it is that Meulensteen wasn’t officially sacked and the club said he is still manager. The next day when he turned up to work he was sacked hahaha

An example of how to get it so wrong and now they will have a 12 Million quid striker in the Championship…

Cardiff (relegated)

The owner doesn’t have a clue about football so consequently the club was on a hiding to nothing. They will go down and we probably wont see them for years to come. OGS will probably be told to leave in December by whatsapp and the next guy wont fair much better. 

Sunderland (survive)

I think they made the right move, PDC just isn’t good enough for the PL and even though Gus doesn’t have experience I like the way he manages and it is showing. They were goners a few months back so the progress has been amazing, I think they have just enough to stay up.

WBA (Survive)

I had real fear when Mel was linked to us, the guy doesn’t have a good managerial track record. He has one good season and the next the club either gets relegated or he is sacked with the club struggling. I think they will survive because of their GD but if Mel is still manager next season I have them as relegation material.

Palace (Either these guys or Norwich down)

Well we all thought they were down then along came Pulis, he turned the whole club around and now they are out of the relegation zone but the funtime is over because it’s slowly coming apart and they are sinking again. With a shit GD there is a real chance of them occupying that 18th place at the end of the season but I reckon it will come down to the last day and it will be them or Norwich.

Norwich (Either these guys or Palace)

Personally I’ve never rated Houghton, did miracles with Newcastle but lets not kid ourselves Chris actually has a good team with some decent strikers and he cant get the best out of them! They should be mid table but they are struggling and it’s down to the manager. In my opinion Norwich have actually made a mistake not replacing him and it will be them or Palace down.

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One thought on “Balls of steel

  1. Fulham and Cardiff looked doomed as both clubs are a shambles from the board room down with both owners not having a clue. And for me Norwich are falling quicker than palace plus Pulis is a good enough manger to keep em up, Poyet too seems good enough with Sunderland abd WBA will survive just but im conviced by this Mel fella. We’ve got tough games but we definatley better than those above

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