Ravel: Worst case scenario

Arry sends him back to us! Even with his performances against the enemy in white I can’t imagine anyone would want him back now. First demanding a transfer and now whipping out a fag on the bench after being subbed.

Look at his face! He’s sulking like a teenager!! No manager will put up with that he is showing a serious lack of respect to everyone.


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19 thoughts on “Ravel: Worst case scenario

  1. Wow what a one minute wonder he was! He surely must know his attitude stinks! Ive not ever seen a player in my time watching the game whip a fag on the bench and sulk my god he’s a disgrace

    • Footballers are paid to stay in shape, it’s their job! He knows the one thing you don’t do at work is smoke. They have all these dietitians, trainers blah blah blah who tell them what they need to do and eat to stay in shape and they will all say the same thing DON’T SMOKE it’s probably even written into his contract!

      So what’s the one thing you can do to piss off everyone at the club? Bring a roll up along with you and parade it in front of the camera’s!

      Hey that message will even get to the owners!

  2. For fucks sake! When has a fag been that fucking big??? How about we just slag off everything to do with WHU. Everyone on this site just wants to slate west ham. Is this even run by WHU supporters????

  3. Course this is run by west ham supporters, and this is a more than worthy subject. Keeping an eye on players we own? Of course it’s worth while!
    And at least this shows with Morrison it’s not just us, he’ll have these problems everywhere.
    I don’t think he even understands anything going on around him, on or off the pitch.

    • If I’m right his contract expires at the end of the season so we probably won’t see him in a west ham shirt anymore.

      I think people also need to understand that he will only play for us if we give him a massive pay rise. If you were his manager would you give him a pay rise?

  4. What a shame. This lad has got natural talent, but possibly the worst attitude of any professional footballer. He wants it his way and if he doesn’t get it, he throws his toys out of the pram. I bet he thought he would play every minute of every game for QPR, and when he got subbed he wanted to show his frustration. The same goes for the wage rise. He thought his two or three superb performances meant he should be on Rooney money, well sorry Ravel but your bad attitude and your unwillingness to be a team player has lost you an awful lot of fans, including other managers. Good luck with your next club, my guess it will be somewhere like the Greek Super League with Skoda Xanthi!

    • Agree Skisaten, we took a gamble (with him), it didn’t pay off………It was a chance that might of even paid off, but no-one will ruin Ravels career, he will

  5. Is that he’s dummy between his legs ? , because if it is then im sure harry wont be getting it for him lol .

  6. Im not convinced thats a cigarette in his hand? Are you sure as I find that hard to beleive even for someone with his poor attitude.

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