Lawro predicts….


He has this one wrong. If it was a few months back I would of said Everton would wipe the floor with us especially when you consider they are our boogey team but they are going through a blip at the moment and add to that our run and our defence I have a sneaky feeling we might come away with a arses to the wall 0-1 win away!

It probably wont be pretty and they will probably have most of the possession but I reckon we might deal out a bit of daylight robbery on the scousers this weekend!


Oh and can we collectively piss ourselves at Traore who now looks like he will be sent packing because he is crocked. The bullet dodge of the season BWHAHAHAHA!





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3 thoughts on “Lawro predicts….

  1. As good as Carlton has been lately, I think we should start Carroll. Everton are without Jagielka, so will be playing Stones and Alcaraz at the back. I think Andy will cause them all sorts of trouble, it will be a tough game though as Lukaku is back for them. 1-1 sounds possible, but I’m keeping the faith in the lads to carry on our great form, 0-1 valuable away win.

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