Keeping our defenders

We all know this is the best defence we have probably ever had but the problem is that so does the rest of the country and probably Europe! My biggest fear is keeping them together.

Demel – Will probably have competition next season anyway so he can be missed

Reid – Before his injury he was HOTY and probably one of the best defenders in the country. That has attracted attention and the latest club linked to him is Arsenal and they are said to be ready to offer 8 Million for him, 8 MILLION!? apparently we would listen to offers over 10 Million but as far as I’m concerned we would be hard pushed to replace him for even that amount KEEP HIM AT ALL COSTS but if he wants to leave we cant stop him and no one can blame him for trying his hand in Europe.

Tomkins – Linked to Newcastle but as things stand that isn’t a move to the big time is it. They are the countries number 1 under achievers and nothing is changing. I hope he doesn’t leave for them because his career will nose dive, personally I think he needs to stay a few more seasons and try and break into the England squad then if he wants out let him go and we cash in.

Ginge – Had a great season but I cant see him turning in these sort of performances for the next few seasons. I think we need to look for a young replacement for him.

LB – Still a problem for us, O’Brien isn’t good enough, Linda has had it, Rat has gone so that leaves us Armero who is an unknown quantity and only on loan. If Pablo turns out to be shit hot then we need to see if we can strike a deal with him but if not we are again going to have to find a decent replacement.

Adrian – Turned out to be the buy of the PL and I can see him staying even if offers come in. Generally Keepers hang around unless the club decide to sell, very pleased we have a decent keeper but yet again we need a number 2 (will Jussi hang around?)


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6 thoughts on “Keeping our defenders

  1. Fabianski 2nd choice at Arsenal would be a good back up keeper as hes contract up end of season also a cheeky bid for Vermalen also a right back Jamaat plays for Ajax or Feyenoord would be a steal for about 5 to 6 million

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