Dear Ravel

A few years back you was discovered by Man U as a big prospect and given your chance. After a while the penny had dropped and Fergie realised you had the talent but didn’t have the mental capacity to go any further with the club so they sold you to us.

At first we thought fuck there was a reason why Fergie would let such a talent go and straight away the club thought it would be touch and go with you, in step Birmingham city. It was a last chance saloon for us, SA thought give him a year in the Championship and see how it goes.

Straight away the Brums thought they had made a mistake after you missed training sessions and they were very close to sending you back but they stuck with you. That proved a pivotal moment for them and for you because you started to show everyone what you had.

You came back a different player. Your personality had changed, you decided to make football your number one priority and scoring that goal against the enemy put you on the country map! But that’s where it ended with you and us.

Things started to get hard, we dropped like a stone, you lost interest and started thinking you were better then the club and deserved a massive pay rise. Christmas came, you missed training sessions and had rows with the management. Yes you went back to your old ways again and I’m afraid to say that will be your life from now on.

I don’t ever expect you to reach your full potential and I don’t ever expect you to hang around at any club for more then two seasons. That’s where my interest ends with you, from this moment on you wont be mentioned on this blog anymore and I couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens with your career from this moment on.

Yours sincerely


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10 thoughts on “Dear Ravel

  1. Such a waste, when he played to his potenial he was fantastic( ask the lillyshites) but its now clear he’s just an ungrateful,selfish, greedy, wannabe gangsta who’s only in football for the fame and money. Maybe though ‘Arry can sort him out who knows

  2. Ravel, it’s a team game. There’s no “I” in team. In my time I’ve seen better and they didn’t make it for the same reason as you. I don’t expect to see your name on any England team sheet….ever. Grow up son and think about those who did make it and why, players who didn’t have your talent and had a great career.

  3. Here’s a question. Why would QPR loan out Tarabt and then loan in Morrison?? Surely the same player, different nose???
    Makes no sense to me at all??

  4. What a pointless post. He is only on loan to QPR and if he matures further through this loan and comes back a better player (and person) for the experience then you will have to eat your words.

    Let’s just wait and see what happens. Hopefully if it doesn’t work out for Morrison we will realise soon enough to sell him at a high price.

    • Not pointless Chris. he wants to leave so club is loaning him until the end of the season and will then flog him. At his age he should be thankful we even stuck by him and put him on the map.

      Repays us by not turning up for session’s and wanting out when we went through our bad patch. He can do one from now on…

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