West Ham Utd. 2v0 Norwich City




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6 thoughts on “West Ham Utd. 2v0 Norwich City

  1. Great win, but like the nine teams below us, at this stage, it means nothing.
    Again, playing under fatso is the thing, it’s shit negative stuff and is not what I supported us for in the beggining, most of which remains why I’ll support us to the end, but come on, if Reid is fit for the bench he’s fit to start, why was Ginge even on the pitch? Likewise, Fatty has blamed our woes thus far on the strikers situation then brings in replacements to counteract and doesn’t play them. How much in corn did the lad Petric get paid for doing fuck all? for not getting the chance to do fuck all?

    £100m in debt will take another 40 years to pay at this rate, Sullivan and Gold, our saviours? everyone who thinks that is a cunt! Bring it on.

  2. as West Ham fans we dont have to like the manager or directors chairmen we support the players who wear the shirt. Credit goes to the 11 who have played there way out of the bottom 3 now they have a rest & go again on the 22nd with Saints at home 3 points a target for this game as I cant see Fulham or Cardiff plus one from WBA or Norwich turning there season around also Hull who are on the slide. So come on all you Hammers fans lets be positive now things are turning round for the better COYI

  3. After my long post about SA (anonymous, but I figured out how to login before posting now…) things seem to have settled down a bit now regarding his critics. With the exception of Super-anus up there. All our strikers have played recently and why criticise Ginge when he scored a good goal and is arguably our best defender…?

    It’s encouraging that we are up for this relegation fight compared to previous seasons where we have seen the team struggle to survive or worst still crumble and give up.

    Creative he is not, but while his methods are keeping us in the BPL let’s get behind SA.

    I wonder if he keeps this up over the next few years we might cement our BPL status, helping us to lower our debts before we move into the OS. All this makes our club a more appealing business venture to all those rich foreigners out there with a billion pounds burning a hole in their pockets…

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