Has your opinion of SA changed?

A few months back most of us were calling for Allardyce’s head. In 3 games we are now sitting mid table and safety looking promising. The board will look at his performance over a season but if you were G&S would you keep him for another season?

One thing I will say is that we still have issues. Sitting 10th is a fantastic position to be in but what I noticed against Norwich was that we cant pass, we cant keep possession and still our strikers cant score. These issues need to be dealt with but year after year we still have the same problems. 

The way the team is set up it just isn’t geared for a striker/s to score goals. Plus the team have to be drilled on the training ground to pass clinically, keep the ball and close down the opposition! I’m just scared we are going to have the same issues next season, what we could all clearly see was when the defence wasn’t there we were dead and buried and they have kept us in this league.

If for some reason our defence goes a bit pear shaped next season we need to know that we can score our way out of trouble. Will we finally sort it next season? Well with the way the team is set up no we wont ever sort these issues out…


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15 thoughts on “Has your opinion of SA changed?

  1. He is not what we want, I accept that, as for results he has got the players performing now, the thing we have to accept is that he will keep us up, with the right support he could even win something!

  2. Although i am over The moon with our recent from i still what BFS to go, my friends and i still won’t go to away games until he goe’s, we are still sore over the forest game.

  3. Best defense in the league 13 clean sheets now, and it is a start….a good one, but with his method of a single striker being fed by a long ball isn’t working and as much trouble as AC causes defenses he isn’t going to do the job….now if we had Sturridge and Suarez upfront with our defense we’d be top of the league!!!!….real sad thing is 13 clean sheets should equate to more than 25 points 6 goalless draws tells us the real problem…we cant find the net, end of, sort it out without BFS…..10 th place (11th after tonight) isn’t reason to be happy….difference between 10th and 9th is 9 points, difference between 10th and bottom is 8 points….we aren’t out of trouble by a long shot!!

    • Yes agreed, until we score goals we will not be where we deserve! Having said that, the fact we have so many clean sheets speaks volumes for us, if we did not we would not be where we are now!! So give SA some credit!

  4. I agree with a lot on what’s been said, it’s great our defence is standing up & being counted (which used to be our weakness) but we really ain’t created too much, it’s just our wingers whipping crosses which are easy to defend against! We need a poacher and att mid that runs at defences. We have been lucky so far

  5. The problem with managers like BFS is that they favor experienced players and a direct style of football. Eventually somebody will replace him and the new manager has to run the team with players brought in by BFS, which are most likely not suitable for the kind of football that is based on passing the ball and keeping possession.

    If the new manager thinks that football is best played by keeping the ball on the ground instead of hoofing it to a tall striker, the likely result is relegation, unless there’s loadsofmoney to spend on new players.

    By sticking to BFS we sacrifice the long term future of the club to short term survival. This is what the current owners seem to want.

  6. Some times you have to be grateful for what we have, being a supporter for many years I have gone though so many highs and maybe too many lows but still there my team and we must under stand that the owners are not that wealthy compared to most of the top eight.

  7. Just because wev won a couple of games does not take away Big Sam’s record in the transfer windows, team selections, substitutions, and pathetic style of football that has stopped many people visiting U/P while he is in charge.
    For me he spent a couple of months trying to get the sack, and grab his 3/4 mill when we were in the bottom three so he wasn’t sacked in May with sod all with some of his team selections, and substitutions. Obviously injuries have been a major factor in our season, but we never had the greatest of starts before the injuries set in We are far from safe yet, but when we are he has to go. We have players who can play on the floor if they are encouraged to play that way.

  8. Our form at the moment is great, our defence have been fantastic this season barring the injury period which showed how much we relied on them (Also Adrian deserves a mention he is a top quality keeper) and it pains me to say but BFS is responsible for making our defence what it is and it was he who brought in Adrian! BUT that is where it ends we cant forget the poor use of the clubs money in the summer, the lack of a plan B, bizarre substitutions and refusal to change tactics and formation. We’re meant moving in 2 years to bigger and better things yet we’re struggling and just about staying up also we’re not safe yet , i say end of the season get rid

  9. I agree with all of the above and the biggest question to be asked is ‘where are we going as a club and as a team??’ What future do we have with bfs as our boss?
    He doesn’t really value the next generation and would prefer to bring in older players than give the youngsters a go, young elliot being a great example when we were screaming out for a striker, be did everything but give the lad a game. We have no way forward with bfs at the helm and I fear we will never be anything other tban relegation or mid table fodder for the foreseeable future.

  10. I’m an advocate for giving a manager time. I don’t like to see managers sacked, especially like in the case of Mackay at Cardiff where he did nothing wrong. However I was calling for Allardyces head for a long time. Having seen the turn around in the results I can see that it was the right decision to keep him. Although we aren’t out of trouble, we should do as the chairmen have done and back the manager. At the end of the day we know we’ve got BFS until the end of the season, so let’s be proper Hammers fans and get behind the team and manager. Statistically there is no difference between keeping a manager and sacking him halfway through the season. I think the board made the right decision, but if we are to move forward I still believe that a new manager should be installed next season.

  11. Get rid, simple… We have been fortunate that there are 4 or 5 clubs that are worse than us and let’s be honest here we should never have beaten Norwich they were all over us for large parts of the game and tactically Allardyce was unable to change anything and continued to punt the ball up to a single striker who had no hope of getting on the end of those type of balls. I for one do not want to pay the extortionate prices to watch that type of football. Give me an entertaining match with the game played how it should be and I’m happy. We are never going to challenge for the title unless a big money owner comes in and radically changes the club so I would just like the academy of football back please.

  12. Allardyce has to go, if it’s at the end of the season so be it, but he has to go.
    The football is dire and there’s nothing to suggest that will change anytime soon, what decent youth we have never get a chance to meld and long term, that is a disaster. We are (or were) a club steeped in tradition with a youth policy that has served us (and English football) well for at least 50 years, that has all but gone now, would you want your boy at a club where the manager prefers to bring in players like Johnson in preference to giving a young lad a chance? It wouldn’t be so bad if there were even slightly balanced books to show for his transfer activities but even there, his record is absymal.
    Nothing good will come from Allardyces reign. he needs to go and make way for someone who has a plan for the future of this club beyond this hatred survive at any cost policy.

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